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Movies on the BIG screen



Hi-Way Haven RV Park is built on the site of a classic drive-in theater and is now licensed by the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation to provide guests with a nostalgic drive-in movie experience (free of charge).

Yes, you can spend the night at the movies!

Just think you and your family can watch movies in on the big screen while enjoying the comforts of your RV! We screen movies of all genre's but they are all family friendly (nothing over a PG-13 rating).


First, thank you for considering staying at the Hi-Way Haven RV Park. My name is Jim Remley. My wife Danielle and I are the owners of the Park.

Many people ask me how I ended up owning the park. It's actually an interesting story - you see I grew up in Douglas County. I went to Roseburg High School and graduated from Douglas High School (barely) in 1987. Back then as I am sure a few of you can remember Drive-In Movie theaters were not only still around they were thriving. In Douglas County, we had three Drive-In Movie theaters - the Starlight near Winston, the PineConeDrive-In in Roseburg, and the Cloverleaf Drive-In (now the Hi-Way Haven RV Park).

I saw countless movies at these locations - and numerous guests have told me they have as well. The last movie I can recall seeing at the Cloverleaf was Smokey and the Bandit. Fast forward 30 years and I had an opportunity to buy the park which had long since stopped operating as a Drive-In Movie theater having been converted to an RV park.

I not only bought the park in 2006 I turned the Drive-In Movie theater back on by installing a digital projector and an FM transmitter. Truth be told the sound and picture quality today is actually better than the original! We are proud to say that today we are one of a handful of Drive-In theaters still operating in the United States.

Licensed by the motion picture association we now show movies almost every weekend (depending on the weather) and during the summer months, we show movies four nights a week. Yes, you can stay at the movies!

We are looking forward to having you stay with us soon!

Jim Remley